Principal consultant Bob LeDrew started dabbling in social media in the early 1990s, when modems came with blazing fast 1200-baud speed ratings and BBSs were state of the art. In 2003, he became Canada’s first public relations blogger with Flacklife and he’s been exploring the potential and limits of social media ever since.

Currently an active blogger and podcaster, as well as a frequent presenter on social media-related topics, Bob can help you create social media properties that contribute to your strategic goals and help you or your organization be … you online.

What can Bob help with?

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Twitter
  • Facebook pages
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google ads
  • Creating “listening posts”
  • And much more.

Talk to us: by phone, 613.869.2148; on Twitter; or e-mail.

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