Bob LeDrew is a dynamic and entertaining speaker with more than two decades of experience presenting to crowds of all shapes and sizes. With dozens of radio, television, and online appearances under his belt, Bob is a speaker that brings energy, charisma, and a knack for storytelling that can only come from a true Cape Bretoner. Bob is also an insightful interviewer who puts his subjects at ease and helps bring their stories to life. His presentations can be visual or simple words – either way, he will deliver a memorable experience to your company or group.

Topics and presentations:

  • Understanding social media: From Youtube to Twitter to blogging, sometimes it seems as if social media has touched — or invaded — every aspect of life. In fact, any organization, from the smallest not-for-profit to governments, needs to understand what these new tools are changing for them. In this presentation, Bob LeDrew can help you understand the principles behind social media and how to integrate a communications strategy into your organization’s adoption of social media tools.
  • Tools and tactics in the web 2.0 world: Organizations that have decided to move into the social media world often find themselves with one of two undesirable outcomes: one, analysis paralysis, and two, a shotgun approach where you try everything and succeed at nothing. This presentation will help you choose the tools that fit your organization’s needs and resources and bring you closer to successfully implementing them.
  • Branding for musicians and culture workers: There’s little doubt that the “old model” of the music industry — thousands of bands chasing labels and hoping for their support in forging a successful career — doesn’t work any more. The file-sharing revolution and the successes of bands like Radiohead or David Usher have pointed to a new model based heavily on social media tools and a DIY ethos. But too often, musicians and other culture workers find themselves chasing tools rather than pursuing a strategy. This presentation will help musicians and others who work in the culture sector to understand how to use social media to pursue their personal goals and lead them toward more success with less effort.
  • Media relations and spokesperson coaching: Working with the media (or just working the media) is a highly stressful enterprise for many people. This presentation, either delivered generically or adapted to an organization’s specific circumstances, will improve your ability to deal with the media in a way that gives them what they need and helps you get your messages across.

If your organization needs a speaker who can challenge standard thinking, explain social media as part of the world of communications, or explain how strategy can improve communications for the largest corporation or the solo entrepreneur, contact Translucid today.

But wait! There’s more!

MC & Writer, Show Tune Showdown 2005-present

Translucid principal consultant Bob LeDrew is an experienced master of ceremonies, event host, or reporter for both receptions and major events. He’d be happy to help bring yours to life as a host and/or by offering scriptwriting and production assistance.

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