Here’s a list of links and other stories discussed during the BEAC panel discussion, as well as audio from the panel.

Thanks for inviting Kady, Mark, and me.

Kady O’Malley: on Twitter, and at the CBC.

Mark Blevis: on Twitter, his personal site, and his company Full Duplex.


And if you needed proof that I should not be a professional broadcaster anymore… I forgot to turn on the plugin power for my mic, and took 25 minutes to figure that out. So you don’t get the whole panel, but you do get the last 47 minutes.

BEAC panel by bobledrew


OpenFile Montreal on the Anne Sutherland story

Jay Rosen: His Pressthink blog is a must read.

A directory of online journalism resources from JD Lasica. offers tons of resources 

Poynter’s ongoing “Digital Strategies” resource

Jeff Jarvis on articles as assets.

Matthew Ingram on “The View From Nowhere”


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